Crutching Around: Manda’s Broken Ankle Vlog Part 1: Learning to Live with my Leg Cast

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I’m forever grateful to the friends and family who have been here for me, whether in person around my house or financially. I have a GoFundMe here: Post surgery caretaking: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Here are links to some of the most useful things that either others have bought me or I have bought myself: 1) Table with wheels, bc you’re going to be in bed a lot, and youre going to want a movable table: 2) Kneescooter! They’re scary and unstable on sidewalk but it beats the hell out of crutches once you’re indoors in public: 3) A cover for your very uncomfortable knee scooter: 4) A horn for your knee scooter, bc people are rude: 5) Magnetic hooks for utensils, because draws involve reversing your scooter, and that sucks: 6) Toilet paper holder with shelf, bc I don’t care where you keep your tp, but you won’t be able to access it. And you’ll want a shelf for your phone bc that should never leave your side in case you fall: 7) A grabber is a GODSEND bc you are going to drop stuff: 8) Leg condom. Forget a trash bag. You don’t wanna smell moldy: 9) Kleenex hand towels, bc laundry sucks: 10) A shower stool. I have to shower daily or I’m miserable. These suck, but the alternative is way worse:

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