REST & Healing – Broken Ankle 101 Series – Healing takes a lot of energy!

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Getting the rest your body deserves! Welcome to the Broken Ankle 101 Series – where we answer the questions you might have about your upcoming ankle journey! I remember coming home from the hospital after I broke my ankle and the questions started: – Do I need surgery? – How long do I have to be on crutches? – When can I start walking again? – How long until I can go back to work? – sooooo many questions!! I’ll be sharing my story, plus talk to others who have broke their ankles. I broke my ankle 4 1/2 years ago and through 3 surgeries, it’s been a long road to recovery. My goal for this series is to help those at the beginning of their ankle injuries, shed a little light on what you could possibly encounter through your ankle recovery and answer questions many have. I am not a doctor and will not answer medical questions. Broken Ankle 101 Series Intro, you broke your ankle, now what?: Music: “Safety Net” – Riot Sarah House, Sarah House Minnesota, Sarah House MN, sjhmn, theesarahhouse, broken ankle, Broken Ankle 101 Series, BA 101, ankle sprain, swollen ankle, i broke my ankle, ankle questions

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