👣 Ok, here it is! The video all the feet people and casters have been asking me to make! 👣🤣😂

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Hey y’all happy Tuesday, today is the day I get my cast removed. I am so excited, it has been a long and painful 6 weeks. I have had several people in the foot or caster community ask me if I will do a video walking on my crutches? I also keep getting a lot of questions, do I like my cast, what does it feel like, etc.? So I thought since it was coming off today and it would be the last chance I would go ahead and do it. So I hope you all enjoy, I am sorry about the end of the video. As I stated in the video the IPad got too hot and turned itself off. I was talking with one of my new neighbors about the cast. I hope you all enjoy, the cast is now off. Thank goodness I don’t have to have surgery however I am still in a boot. They call it a fracture cast, and I will have that for another 4 weeks. Thank you all so much for the continued love and support! #brokenfoot #6weeksinacast #shortlegcast #prettiestcast #firsttimeinacast #mycastcomesofftoday #fracturecast #walkingboot #4moreweeks #christmasinaboot

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