Ankle Injury Update! Getting My Splint Off and Taking My First Steps!

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Such an exciting day! The splint/ cast has been taken off, I met my physical therapist who was incredibly knowledgeable, kind and put me at ease, AND… I took my first steps post surgery!!! I was only allowed to put 20lbs on my foot, which isn’t much, so most of the work is done with a walker or crutches at this point, but being able to take steps at all is big progress. I would love to connect with you! Shop my nutrition products that fuel my skating and help keep me healthy off the ice! My Figure Skate Boots are Custom Harlick My Figure Skate Blades are MK Gold Star Revolution Coach Julia, the creator of Thrive Diaries, has been skating (first on roller and then on ice) for over 30 years. She was a competitive skater until she turned 21 when she got her first contract as a professional show skater. Julia has been a figure skating coach for 14 years, is a USFS Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field, and an ISI Gold Level certified judge. She has held positions as the Skating Director of the largest skating program in the United States, as well as Head Coach at two different skating clubs. Julia has now turned her skills towards a larger audience and is bringing her love and knowledge of skating to all of you! car accident lawyer,car accident lawyer near me,auto accident lawyer,personal injury lawyer near me,personal injury lawyer,auto accident attorney near me,truck accident attorneys,personal injury attorney,cord blood banking,mesothelioma symptoms,merchant services,rehab near me,rehabilitation center,doctorate degree,software developer,electricity companies,courses online,credit card,banking account,credit score,digital marketing,loans for students

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