Betty’s Shoulder Spica and Long Leg Walking Cast

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The fine summer weather brings everyone outside to enjoy and and be active. Some activities are more dangerous than others though – and this is what has brought a new patient to the hospital. Her leg and arm splinted and in a neck brace, she is in obvious pain. The nurses quickly get to work diagnosing and treating her injuries. A broken fibula gets a LLWC, but her broken upper humerus requires a complete shoulder spica. Once her bones are set and casted, she is transferred to a hospital bed to rest. Her leg is elevated to reduce the swelling, and she is left to stare at the ceiling with her neck still braced. This is not how she planned for her day to go! A week later and the doctor has cleared her to be discharged. . A friend then takes her out on the town to try and raise her spirits. Limping along, they enjoy some ice cream and time in a park. No more inline skating for her this summer! 🚑 If you would like to support us and engage more with us then please join our Patreon: (Disclaimer: Any injuries or accidents in videos are not real. They are all just staged for story purpose)

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