Body Casting Thea 1

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1st stage of the body casting of my daughter, now 18, for a bronze garden torso that will be made of roses and thorns. My torso sculptures can be seen at Earlier videos of casting Thea when she was younger are also in my channel: Please note – I have been body casting for 30 years and although this looks easy, it can be problematic and casting with plaster has now been banned in some educational institutions for health and safety reasons. We wear particle masks to cut the materials and I try to work quickly and ensure that my models are comfortable and not too hot as many people, even Olympians, can feel very faint if they stand still too long. I check by doing a patch test a week before I use plaster bandage on a new model as some people suffer plaster rashes or burns. Petroleum jelly is applied to the skin as a barrier and any clothing to aid release. I’m especially careful when casting pregnant women as they can absorb harmful materials through their skin and also tend to be a lot more sensitive to materials.

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