Breaking News – Newlyweds pose moments before being hit by giant wave

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Marelize was eventually helped out of the water and taken to hospitalShe and husband Ryan, 26, were posing on beach in Hermanus, South AfricaMarelize Dreyer, 25, from Leicestershire, got her leg trapped between two rocksEveryone wants to get that perfect holiday snap – and even more so when it’s your honeymoon.But disaster struck for newlyweds Marelize and Ryan Dreyer when they were knocked over by a huge wave while posing for pictures at a beach in Hermanus, South Africa.Marelize, 25, from Leicestershire, found her leg trapped between two rocks, dislocating her ankle and breaking her leg in two places.Her husband, Ryan Dreyer, 26, had rushed through the water to help her on seeing that she could not stand and was clutching her ankle.He was eventually able to help her from the water with the help of Marelize’s sister and a friend, and she was taken to hospital.Despite being in pain, Marelize, who is a physiotherapy graduate, realised she needed to support her ankle and made a makeshift splint from two flip flops.Describing the moments before he and his wife were struck by the wave, Ryan explained how they had been trying to move to a safer spot.’We were concerned about the bigger waves coming; but we weren’t too concerned while crossing the rock there,’ he said.’When we were moving over we felt the first wave hit and that’s where we tried to sit down and get another shot – since we were now in a safer location, with a rock pool nearby, rather than a drop straight into the ocean.’We saw the next wave coming and tried to get ready for the picture, but the wave just smashed down on top of us.’Instantly it felt like we were underwater – the wave was really disorientating, we were just sat there and the next second we were underwater.’It was hard to know which way was up and how to stand because the wave was so powerful.’Ryan explained how he eventually managed to get up, but was horrified to see that Marelize had not.’I stood up and looked for Marelize, and it instantly it was clear that something was wrong. She couldn’t stand and she was just clutching her ankle, flopping around,’ he said.’Luckily the worst of the set of waves was over and I called for Gerda, Marelize’s sister to help.’With the help of a friend, the pair managed to get Marelize up and away from the beach.She was eventually taken to hospital for treatment, where she had to wait for two days before getting a titanium plate and twelve screws put in her left leg.The couple are now staying with family in order to give her time to recover.However, Ryan and Marelize, who were on a belated honeymoon, aren’t letting this deter them from their travels and they’re set to continue their travels on to Australia, as well as writing a blog about it.’We had a bucket list of photos – few photos that we really wanted to get while we were travelling,’ Ryan said.’We’d tried it in a few places, but couldn’t the picture to work for various reasons.’We found this perfect place on the beach and Marelize’s AutoNews- Source:

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