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I KNOW U WANNA OPEN ME HI guys, kind of sad for me to edit and watch this footage over and over. I’m still pretty emotional and angry at this situation. I can’t go to work or school, I don’t feel like myself at all, and honestly I’m just pissed off at everyone and everything. I’ve been talking about going snowboarding every single day since august, so this is extremely hard for me to post and talk about. I told you guys I was gonna make a post a video about my first time snowboarding and here it is. If youre religious at all I just want to ask that you please keep me in your prayers.. I’m hoping for a fast an easy recovery, cause quite frankly I hate not being able to do normal everyday activities. I JUST WANNA GET BACK ON THE SLOPES MAN!!!!!!!!! PRAY PLEASE, Thank you guys for watching. I will continue filming, editing, and posting so no worries there. The snowboarding videos might just have to wait for now. I appreciate each and every one of you for taking the time out of your day to watch and support me. I will post an update / recovery video as soon as there is an update. MUCH LOVE xoxo Keep in touch with me! IG: MoreWithEllanore car accident lawyer,car accident lawyer near me,auto accident lawyer,personal injury lawyer near me,personal injury lawyer,auto accident attorney near me,truck accident attorneys,personal injury attorney,cord blood banking,mesothelioma symptoms,merchant services,rehab near me,rehabilitation center,doctorate degree,software developer,electricity companies,courses online,credit card,banking account,credit score,digital marketing,loans for students

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