Cheryl Accident Story! 🚑

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You want more accidents then watch this! Lower extremity casts are classified similarly, with a cast encasing both the foot and the leg to the hip being called a long leg cast, while a cast encasing the patient’s foot, ankle and lower leg ending below the knee is referred to as a short leg cast. A walking heel may be applied for ambulation. These heels, when properly applied, elevate the toes and offer the wearer the advantage of keeping the toes out of the dirt and moisture of the street. The walking heel provides a small contact patch for the cast and creates a fluid rocking motion during the stride and allows the cast to pivot easily in any direction. shoulder spica includes the trunk of the body and one arm, usually to the wrist or hand (Injuries in videos are not real. They are all just staged for story purpose) (Disclaimer: Any injuries or accidents in videos are not real. They are all just staged for story purpose)

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