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BEFORE YOU WATCH!! Comment how you think I broke my elbow🙈 Here’s a link to a video all about my broken elbow: If you’ve never been here before: HALLO I’m KRTL (Kar◕tel) and I make DIY’s, travel & lifestyle videos!! Subscribe/Follow me on Instagram: @karrlley, and I’ll probably subscribe/follow you back and spam you with love💕 Thanks for stopping by! So ya I’m back from Cali & more broken than ever but das ok because I’m so excited to share this video with you! WHAT YOU’LL NEED 💃🏼 Kanye West Inspired Typeface Shirt »Transfer Paper (Walmart- $14) »Blank shirt (Walmart- $5) »Iron (u probz have 1 but if not then Wallymart!!) 👵🏼FANNY/GRANNY PACK »Patches (Etsy- $5-10) »Tassels (Michaels – $3) »Iron (Wallymart/borrow from mama) 👽Sparkly space skirt »Skirt (Value Village- $7) »Glitter spray for clothing (Michaels- $13) ♫ Music: Again- Hier ✩Hier Facebook: SoundCloud: Let me know what you’d like to see next: A San Francisco or Los Angeles travel diary? P.S. Did you hear Kirby meow? Hehehee Love y’all XOXOXO KRTL

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