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Embed Code Cast unique by ALEXANDRA FOOTAGE Hey everyone, I’m ALEXANDRA FOOTAGE – a video artist from Germany. I create entertaining content for admirers of feet & cast in a feelgood way. In addition to my main website, I started my special cast project Cast unique on Patreon. By then, it offers an awesome variety of cast stories for you! If you become a patron now, you’ll get access to the whole content. It’s in german and english! Join Cast unique on Patreon and it will: • make you feel comfortable • entertain you with charming and creative content • introduce you to a talented cast actress (that’s me ^^) Join Cast unique on Patreon if you like: • real life cast & sprain series • crutching • compelling, friendly, humorous, crazy stories See you there! Yours, Alex —————————————————————————– My main website: Instagram: —————————————————————————– Gipsbein | Gipsfuß | Frau mit Krücken | gebrochenes Bein | Frau mit verstauchtem Fuß | leg cast | broken leg | woman with sprained ankle | crutches | Long Leg Cast | Short Leg Cast| mujer con la pierna roto | muletas | gamba rotta | stampelle

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