I Broke My Leg At SeaWorld!

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Little did I know going to SeaWorld would have such a dramatic effect on my life. This is my story of how I broke my leg at SeaWorld up until the day before I had to go into surgery to fix my broken leg. We had a blast at SeaWorld but we decided to sit in the splash zone of the dolphin show. Russell my baby didn’t like getting splashed so just as the whale was coming to splash us again I thought I could get away and I slipped and broke my leg. I thought it was just sprained and kept walking on it for a week but when the swelling didn’t seem to be going down we decided to go to urgent care. The x-ray showed that I had a fracture but they referred me to an orthopedic to really see what was wrong. The Orthopedic doctor said I had an unstable ankle fracture and that it would need surgery. He just so happened to be able to fit me in the next day to do the surgery. I will never be the same. Steven and I love being parents. Raising our little kids is the highlight of our life and we’re excited to share it with you. Meriden (5), Jeffrey (4), Ephraim (2) and Russell (baby) are hilarious and are constantly teaching us! Come enjoy and learn with us! We use licensed music with permission from Epidemicsound and Audioblocks.

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