Leg Cast Removal!!! Don’t be scared!

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It’s my 3rd cast removal and recast since I had an ankle surgery 6 weeks ago. Although I’ve done this twice before, I still get a bit scared because of that feeling that my foot might get nicked or hacked off just like in that movie, “The SAW”. I’ll take you with me at the doctor’s office and you will see the full procedure, step by step. *** WARNING!!!!*** If you don’t like watching medical procedures, you might wanna think twice before watching this video. Images of healing wound and cast saw. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, comment and click on the notification bell please. I will appreciate it very much. Good luck and more power to your channels. #castremoval #anklesurgery Thanks to my subscribers and my subscribers. Lots of love and God bless you all! car accident lawyer,car accident lawyer near me,auto accident lawyer,personal injury lawyer near me,personal injury lawyer,auto accident attorney near me,truck accident attorneys,personal injury attorney,cord blood banking,mesothelioma symptoms,merchant services,rehab near me,rehabilitation center,doctorate degree,software developer,electricity companies,courses online,credit card,banking account,credit score,digital marketing,loans for students

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