Madison Broke Her Arm Riding Her Longboard (Not Clickbait)

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Madison fell off her longboard and broke her arm right where her wrist is and we had to go urgent care during a quarantine. It was so scary but she had to get a cast put on her broken arm just like our reborn toddler Gary, when he broke his arm and leg. We had to go to urgent care when it first happened and follow up by going to the hospital to have the doctor put a cast on it. If you want to watch the video where Gary gets a cast put on you can watch it here: Reborn Toddler Gary Goes to Doctor for Broken Arm and Gets a REAL CAST! Our reborn toddler Gary has a broken arm and we had to take him to the doctor to have a real cast put on to fix his broken bone. This video is a continuation of Reborn Toddler Gary Gets Hurt at the Park | Will Our Reborn Baby Be Okay? Please consider subscribing and watching more Reborns Going on an Outing to the Park videos The last time Gary had to see Dr. Walter at the reborn hospital was to have his Reborn Baby Doll Surgery to Fix Toddler Reborns Floppy Head Reborn Babies Shiloh and Toddler Kennedy Go to the Park | The Patsy Family Reborn Baby Doll at the Park in Joovy Doll Stroller Reborn Baby Doll Day in the Life Diaper Change Park Outing Adventure Joovy Toy Room Doll Crib Rose Doll Show 2019 Haul | What Did I Buy at the Reborn Doll Expo? Leaving Rose Doll Show 2019 Heading Home with My New Reborn Rose Doll Show 2019 Shopping for Reborns on Our Last Day at the Reborn Doll EXPO Reborn Shopping at Rose Doll Show 2019 Our First Day Shopping for Reborn Babies | Day 2 Meeting Kelli Maple at Rose Doll Show EXPO 2019 | Baby Shower – Day 1 On Our Way to the ROSE Doll Show 2019 | Reborns Road Trip Packing My Reborns Suitcases and Diaper Bag for Rose Doll Show Vacation Shopping with Reborn Baby Doll Olivia for Newborn Baby Supplies Plus Shopping Haul Real Reborn Baby Unboxing Madison Gets a LIFELIKE Reborn BABY Doll Reborn Baby Doll Morning Routine with Madison and Reborns Baby Sophia Did you guys see Madison’s other Baby Alive Shopping Haul Video? Shopping with Baby Alive and with Reborn Baby Doll at Walmart WATCH MORE REBORN BABY DOLL VIDEOS: #getwellMadison #reborns #thepatsyfamily

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