Vivian LLWC – Accident at Gym broken ankle and tibia and first steps with LLWC chapter 01 – Trailler

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Vivian LLWC – Accident at Gym broken ankle and tibia and first steps with LLWC chapter 01 Vivian is a six-foot-tall fitness model who works out for hours every day. When you go to the gym, you start your daily treadmill run. When taking a false step on the treadmill, she breaks her ankle and fractures her tibia in 2 places. In great pain, she jumps to her cell phone in search of help. He calls the private doctor who goes to his house, finds the fracture and says he’s going to plaster his little finger leg and even his groin. After the plaster dries, she takes her first steps with the management around her house, has breakfast, makes a home office. The entire process of the accident and of casting the leg, the first steps by jumping and with crutches is recorded in this chapter 01 The 31 min video contains scenes from: – accident at the gym – scenes of a lot of pain – jumping for help – the whole process of plastering the leg – LLWC and its first steps Full video at #gips #castfetish #llwc #brokenleg #pain #plasterofbrazil

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