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Imagine for a second.. you are very active. You visit the gym 5 to 7 times a week. You wake up at the crack of dawn to sprint as fast as you can around the block. You never feel like slowing down because you love going fast. You are always on the run.. Until, one day.. A FREAK accident happens while you are running along side with you (boxer) dog and you fall on your ankle the wrong way. Kalees entire world has come to a abrupt halt. Everything she is use to, her lifestyle of “running and gunning” is now over. At least for now. She has manage to get herself into a really difficult situation. The MRI results are now in… ________________________________________________________________ ***how she broke her ankle*** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8xjPqAitjw&t=2s _________________________________________________________________ Please feel free to contact us if you are going through the same thing, or if you have a friend who is going through something like this, please share this video with him or her. This is a really hard time, but you can make it fun! Thanks for watching Alex

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